Within this Tasty Bytes Introduction Quickstart you will first be learning about the fictious food truck brand, Tasty Bytes, created by the frostbyte team at Snowflake.

After learning about the Tasty Bytes Organization, we will complete the process of setting up the Tasty Bytes Foundational Data Model, Workload Specific Roles + Warehouses and all necessary Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Upon finishing this Quickstart, you will have deployed the foundation required to run the Quickstarts seen in our Powered by Tasty Bytes - Quickstarts section.

Who is Tasty Bytes?


What You Will Learn

What You Will Build


For this Quickstart, you will use the Snowflake web interface known as Snowsight. If this is your first time leveraging Snowsight we would highly consider taking a look at our Snowsight Documentation for a high-level walkthrough.

Step 1 - Accessing Snowflake via URL

Step 2 - Logging into Snowflake

Step 3 - Navigating to Worksheets

Step 4 - Creating a Worksheet

Step 5 - Renaming a Worksheet

Step 6 - Accessing hosted Setup SQL in GitHub


Step 7 - Copying Setup SQL from GitHub

Step 8 - Pasting Setup SQL from GitHub into your Snowflake Worksheet

Step 9 - Synchronously Running all Setup SQL

Step 10 - Completing Setup

Step 11 - Click Next –>


With the Tasty Bytes Setup successful, we can now explore the Database, Roles and Warehouses we created.

Step 1 - Exploring the Tasty Bytes Database

This query will return the Database we created via SHOW DATABASES using our SYSADMIN role.

USE ROLE sysadmin;
SHOW DATABASES LIKE 'frostbyte_tasty_bytes';

Step 2 - Exploring the Schemas within the Tasty Bytes Database

This query will return the Schemas within the Database we created via SHOW SCHEMAS.

SHOW SCHEMAS IN DATABASE frostbyte_tasty_bytes;

Step 3 - Exploring the Tables within the RAW_POS Schema within the Tasty Bytes Database

This query will return the Tables within the raw_pos schema via SHOW TABLES

SHOW TABLES IN SCHEMA frostbyte_tasty_bytes.raw_pos;

Step 4 - Exploring the Tasty Bytes Roles

This query will return the Roles we created via SHOW ROLES.


Step 5 - Exploring the Tasty Bytes Warehouses

This query will return the Warehouses we created via SHOW WAREHOUSES.


Step 6 - Putting it All Together

These next three queries will:

  1. Assume the tasty_data_engineer role via USE ROLE
  2. Leverage the tasty_de_wh Warehouse via USE WAREHOUSE
  3. Query our raw_pos.menu table to find which Menu Items are sold at our Plant Palace branded food trucks.
USE ROLE tasty_data_engineer;
USE WAREHOUSE tasty_de_wh;

FROM frostbyte_tasty_bytes.raw_pos.menu m
WHERE m.truck_brand_name = 'Plant Palace';

Amazing! Within a few minutes we now have a Tasty Bytes demo environment complete with data, roles and warehouses set up in our Snowflake account. Let's now take a look at all of the other Tasty Bytes Quickstarts available to us to leverage.

Step 7 - Click Next –>


Congratulations! You have now completed the Tasty Bytes Foundational Setup!

The Table of Contents below will outline all of the available Tasty Bytes Quickstarts that leverage the foundation you just built.

Zero to Snowflake

Workload Deep Dives (Coming Soon)