Your sales are the driving factor for your company. Your Salesforce data is a wealth of information just waiting to be tapped. Salesforce is an incredible product and an industry leader. But what happens when you exhaust all options within Salesforce reporting? Moreover, what happens when you want to cross reference your Salesforce data with ad campaign or live event data from 2, 3, 10, or more data sources as well as custom data sources?

These data consolidation, centralization, curation, and analytics processes "used" to be daunting, complex, expensive, and time consuming. But not anymore. Thanks to Snowflake and Fivetran!

Fivetran will replicate all of your data from Salesforce, and all of your other data sources for your project, easily into Snowflake via a reliable, fast, secure, SaaS-based, automated, and no-code data replication solution with built-in transformation flexibility. Fivetran's 300+ data source connectors (that's right 300+...we are just working with Salesforce today) allow you to seamlessly create all of your data replication processes in minutes versus weeks or months. And in this lab, we are going to work together to see how easy and fast data replication with Fivetran and Snowflake can be. So let's get started!


What you'll learn in the lab

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All in less than 40 minutes!

The outcome of this step is to:

The easiest option to get started with Fivetran and Snowflake is to use Snowflake Partner Connect. Partner connect allows you to quickly create a Fivetran trial account and configures the default Snowflake destination within Fivetran in one easy step.

Partner Connect

Ensure you are in the Snowflake UI as an ACCOUNTADMIN. Expand Admin, click Partner Connect, under Data Integration click the Fivetran tile. Partner Connect

Once the tile is clicked you will be presented with the Fivetran configuration screen below. Click the Connect button. Partner Connect Fivetran Configuration

Click Activate. You will be prompted to enter a Fivetran password. Record this password. This will be your password into the Fivetran UI. That's it! That will create the free 14 day Fivetran trial account, build your default Snowflake destination within Fivetran, and configure the Snowflake objects needed to ingest data via Fivetran.
Partner Connect Fivetran Configuration

Non-Partner Connect Only

Ok, let's get our data from Salesforce into Snowflake via the quickest, easiest, and most reliable method available in the world today...Fivetran! Ensure you are logged into your Fivetran account.

Click Explore/Add Connectors: Fivetran Connector 1

Click the Salesforce connector and then click Continue Setup: Fivetran Connector 3

Leave the Destination schema as salesforce and click Authorize. This will start the authentication process for Salesforce. If you are already signed in to Salesforce in the browser, this will take the current authorization token of your sign in. If you are not currently signed in, you will be presented with the Salesforce sign in page. Simply enter your credentials to sign in to Salesforce. Upon sign in, you will be redirected back to the Fivetran configuration UI. Fivetran Connector 4

You will see that the authentication is successful. Click Save & Test. Fivetran Connector 5

Fivetran will validate the authentication token to ensure Fivetran can call the Salesforce API. Click Continue. Fivetran Connector 6

Next you will select the tables to replicate. Salesforce contains over 900 tables. Let's only select the ones we need here today. Click the minus sign twice which will deselect all tables. Fivetran Connector 7

Then let's make this easy and use the filter textbox to only find and select the tables we want to replicate. Below is the list of tables we want to select (please be sure to choose the exact name). Note that once you select a table and begin a new filter, the selected table(s) stay checked...even though the selected tables may go out of view. Repeat the search and select process for each table below until all are selected.

When done with all of the above adds, click the filter icon and check the Only show selected tables checkbox. Fivetran Connector 9

The filtered view should be as shown below. If so, click Save & Continue. Fivetran Connector 10

Leave the schema changes setting as Allow All. Click Continue. Fivetran Connector 11

With that, we are ready to go! Let's sync data. Click Start Initial Sync. And let Fivetran seamlessly replicate your data into Snowflake. This should only take a minute or two at most. Now, let's move on to transformations! Fivetran Connector 12

Fivetran is going to replicate your Salesforce data into a fully normalized Snowflake schema. Now to make the data easier to query for our dashboard/use cases, let's transform it. Fivetran gives you the ability, and is ever expanding, to utilize dbt Core data modeling to further curate your data with NO CODE! These transformations are called Fivetran Quickstart Data Models. Let's configure these now.

From the Fivetran UI, click Transformations in the left navbar. Then in the Quickstart section, click Get Started. Fivetran Transform 1

In the configuration page, for Source Type choose Salesforce. Source Type represents the type of connector used. In our case, we created a Salesforce connector. For Connector, choose your Salesforce connector. If you left the schema names the same in the configuration, your connector will also be named salesforce. ‘Connector' here represents the name/schema name given to your Salesforce connector during the connector configuration. Fivetran Transform 2

Scroll down on the configuration screen and under Set Schedule select Fully integrated, then click Save. Fivetran Transform 3

The transformations are now configured and will show a status of Pending. Fivetran Transform 4

The adding of transformations to your connector will signal the connector to perform a resync. You may click on the Connectors section on the left navbar, then open your connector to watch it execute a resync. When the resync completes, Fivetran will start the transformation jobs and change the status to Running. Like the data replication, this should only take a minute or two to complete. Fivetran Transform 6

Once the transformations complete, you will see new objects in the Snowflake database. The objects prefixed with ‘SALESFORCE__' are models ready to query to assist us in our use cases and dashboard. Objects prefixed with ‘STG_' are staging objects used to build the final models and are rebuilt upon every transformation run. (The below Snowflake images display the objects built by the Quickstart Data further action needed on these tables/views!) Fivetran Transform 8

In the Fivetran UI, you can view the lineage for any of the transformation jobs just by clicking the transformation job from the Transformations UI (salesforce__sales_snapshot shown below). Fivetran Transform 9


Now that our models are built and ready to query, let's build some insights into your data! For the purposes of this lab, we will build a four tile dashboard within Snowflake. The SQL and accompanying screenshot of each tile setup is given below. NOTE: Only change the SQL if your database and/or schema name do not match below.

Snowflake Dashboard

Click the Dashboards item in the left navbar. This will display the Dashboard UI. Click + Dashboard in the upper right to begin the dashboard creation process. Fivetran Dashboard 1

Next give your dashboard a name and click Create Dashboard. Fivetran Dashboard 2

Then it's time to start building tiles. See the image below. Ensure to set the role to sysadmin and the warehouse to pc_fivetran_wh. Click the + New Tile to get started with the first dashboard tile. Fivetran Dashboard 3

Tiles in Snowflake

Tiles represent dashboard objects, and each tile represents a separate execution of SQL and visualization in the dashboard. Below is the process that can be followed for all tiles in this lab:

  1. After the New Tile or New Tile from Worksheet buttons are selected, a tile worksheet will be displayed like the ones below.
  2. Copy and paste the SQL for each tile into the SQL section in the tile worksheet.
  3. Click the Run button and ensure you are receiving results. Always use a full path in SQL for database.schema.table/view.
  4. Set tile name and enable the chart display by clicking the Chart button (except where a table is to be rendered like Tile #4).
  5. To get the tiles to look like the ones in this lab, simply apply the metadata in the Chart Type section (except for Tile #4) on the right side of the UI to match the image in each tile section below.

Once all the tiles are created, you may move them around on the dashboard to your liking.

Tile 1: Stage Counts by Month - Heatgrid

select stage_name, close_date, amount 
from pc_fivetran_db.salesforce.salesforce__opportunity_enhanced

Fivetran Dashboard 4

Tile 2: Opportunities Won by Amount - Bar

select sum(amount) as account_amount, account_name, count(*) as num_won 
from pc_fivetran_db.salesforce.salesforce__opportunity_enhanced 
where is_won = true group by account_name order by 1

Fivetran Dashboard 5

Tile 3: Average Days to Close - Score

select round(avg(days_to_close),1) 
from pc_fivetran_db.salesforce.salesforce__opportunity_enhanced

Fivetran Dashboard 6

Tile 4: Top 5 Performers - Table

select top 5 owner_name as "Owner", avg_bookings_amount as "Avg Booking Amt", round(avg_days_to_close,1) as "Avg Days to Close", 
total_pipeline_amount as "Total Pipeline" 
from pc_fivetran_db.salesforce.salesforce__owner_performance 
where total_pipeline_amount is not null 
order by total_pipeline_amount desc

Fivetran Dashboard 7

Final Dashboard

Here is the example dashboard giving insights to the data for your use cases in minutes! Fivetran Dashboard 8

The lab demonstrates the power, flexibility, reliability, and speed to insights by performing ELT with no code!

Here's what we did:


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