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Problem Statement:

Why Snowflake

What we will see


You'll learn how to

We setup

Run the finserv demo 10 setup script. Each script is idempotent meaning that you can rerun it without issues.

YouTube video: Running script 10


Knoema Economy Data Atlas

Run the finserv demo 20 Marketplace script.

"Mount" the free Knoema Economy Data Atlas share. Click "Get" then name the database economy_data_atlas and grant access to the public role.

## Verify Data Marketplace Share
    select top 1 *
    from economy_data_atlas.economy.usindssp2020;

YouTube video: Running script 20 and mounting the share


Run the finserv demo 30 DDL script.

YouTube video: Running script 30


Run the finserv demo 40 queries script.

YouTube video: Running script 40

We setup

These filters give us reusable drop-downs throughout our Snowsight dashboards. We set them to refresh once a day.

Build the finserv demo 60 filter Snowsight script.

YouTube video: Running script 60 building the three filters in Snowsight

We setup

Build un the finserv demo 70 SnowSight.

YouTube video: Running script 70 to build the dashboard

Snowsight Dashboard

Optional Script to reset / remove all objects created during this demo

Run the finserv demo 90 reset script.


YouTube video: A recap of what we covered

What we've covered

More resources

Full Demo on Snowflake Demo Hub

Modernizing Risk Analytics with Sigma on Snowflake.

Allen Wong's Youtube Channel.