In this quickstart, we will be utilizing population data gathered by the US Census Bureau. This dataset will be used to forecast population growth of various countries. For the forecasting model we will use is the Snowflake ML Forecast function.


Head over to the Snowflake sign-up page and register for a free account. Once you've registered, you'll get an email that will bring you to Snowflake so that you can sign in.

Connecting Snowflake with Hex

If you have an existing Hex account, login in to your account and continue to the Getting Started With Hex section.

Otherwise, once you've logged into your Snowflake account, simply navigate to the Data Products tab on the left and click Partner connect. In the search bar at the top, type in Hex, and you should see the Hex partner connect tile appear. Clicking on the tile will bring up a new screen, select the Connect button in the lower right corner. After this, you'll see a new screen confirming that your account has been created and from here you can click Activate.

Creating a workspace

Once activated, you'll be brought over to Hex and will be prompted to create/name your new workspace. After you've named your workspace, you'll be brought to the projects page.

Workflow roadblocks

The following issues may occur if you have an existing Hex account and you're not an Admin in that org.

Unauthorized error

If you have an existing Hex account that was created with a password and username, you may run into an "Unauthorized" error when activating your workspace in Partner Connect. If this is your experience, head over to and login with your password and username.

Plan upgrade

If you are an existing Hex user currently on a Community plan, you may encounter an issue that will prevent you from using Partner Connect. If you're unclear on what Hex plan you are on, feel free to reach out to If you are the Admin of your organization, you can see your plan under Manage plan on the Settings page. To extend a trial, email with the subject "VHOL trial extension."

Role privileges

If you do not have an Editor role or higher, you won't be able to create data connections in your workspace. To upgrade your role, contact your workspace Admin. You can find out who this is by navigating to Settings -> Users & groups within your Hex workspace.

If you're still encountering issues, or encounter any issues other than the ones listed above, please contact our support team with the subject "VHOL" for priority support.

What You Will Learn

What You Will Build

In this quickstart, you will create a few machine learning models using Snowflake ML functions. In the end we will use our results and data exploration to create a final Hex app.

Now we can move back over to Hex and get started on our project. The first thing you'll need to do is transfer the Hex project into your new Hex org.

Get Hex project

Now that you've got your project, you will find yourself in the Logic view of a Hex project. The Logic view is a notebook-like interface made up of cells such as code cells, markdown cells, input parameters and more! On the far left side, you'll see a control panel that will allow you to do things like upload files, import data connections, or search your project. Before we dive into the code, we'll need to import our Snowflake connection to our project. You can follow along with the video, Creating a Snowflake Database Connection and Transferring Data, describing how to create/edit your Snowflake connection and write data into your Snowflake database from Hex (which will be described in the Hex project).

We can import our Snowflake data connection by heading over to the Data sources tab represented by a database icon with a lightning bolt. At the bottom of this section, you'll see a portion that says available workspace connections and you should see one that says Snowflake if you created the Hex account via Partner Connect.

If you had an existing Hex org and did not create one via Partner Connect please follow Hex documentation and reference Creating a Snowflake Database Connection and Transferring Data as needed.

Common Problems

If coming from Partner Connect or creating a new database connection, ensure that your database connection has both the Snowpark and Writeback toggle enabled. Navigate to the Settings window and select the desired Snowflake database connection.

Enable the Snowpark and Writeback toggles.

The rest of the lab can entirely be followed step-by-step from the Hex project. Any subsequent steps and explanation will be found in the Hex project itself.

Key sections of the Hex project include:

Now that we've completed going through our project, we can share this project with others! To do this:

Congratulations on making it to the end of this Lab! You've successfully trained an forecast model to predict the country population using only SQL. At the end, you created a Hex app highlight your analysis that can be easily shared with others.

What You Learned

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